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Kill la Kill OP 2 - GARNiDELiA - ambiguous [SINGLE]

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how I picture our apps’ users



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[Crossfire] Mage in the House


Don’t blink … I must not blink! I’ve heard that as long as you are looking at a Mage, they can’t do anything to you. And one just walked into the room with me.

Sure, it’s probably all just superstition, but then I’ve seen what a…

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"Gantz 'Ventus' Venturi at your service.": Another Shantae advertisement



Great news everyone! Merely last night, this great Kickstarter reached it’s initial goal of $400,000 dollars and is slowly inching it’s way towards it’s first stretch goal. However, we still need help if we want to get anywhere past that point. I myself already have a plan of sorts to do this…

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Shantae by *GENZOMAN


Shantae by *GENZOMAN

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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero


Everyone, please back this Kickstarter so all of the people wanting to play this game can get all of the cool new content. Any little bit helps. Thanks! :3

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Will Absolutely Stab You In the Back: Someone please explain to me exactly why everyone seems to have found...


Someone please explain to me exactly why everyone seems to have found Pacific Rim to be akin to a religious experience? It was good, robots beat up aliens and it was neat and super hella cheesy. But I probably wouldn’t see it again any time soon. It just wasn’t any sort of super astounding…

Pacific Rim has become my all time favorite movie.

However, I’ll be the first to admit that it didn’t have a ground-breaking story or massively nuanced character development. It had a well told story that knew exactly what it was, and was delivered well. It had characters that fit well into a believable world where the most logical response to giant monsters was to build giant mechs. This puts it above most summer action movies already.

Pacific Rim is FRESH. It was not afraid to be what it was, and didn’t feel like it had to add layers of ‘moral grey’ or a subplot about the potential abuses of Jaegers. It was a ‘traditional’ action movie, in an age where every movie wants to also carry a philosophical message.

It was also just nice to be surprised by a movie. Everything lately has been based on some existing property, and for better or worse, I go into those knowing the broad strokes of what I’ll see, based on the source, which I’m often familiar with.

It moves at a brisk pace, it’s got the right balance of serious, humor, and cheesiness, and it just looks fantastic.

And finally, as I had seen mentioned online somewhere before, this is the movie Michael Bay THINKS he’s making. This is the giant robot action movie that I wanted, and until now, had never got.

I totally understand if other people don’t feel the same way, but for someone who loves giant robots, and was overall not impressed with Transformers, this is blockbuster action movie my inner child would have made.

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